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Please read though some of the reviews Slavin Contracting Group has received from our satisfied customers. If you require more information, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide additional references of our work.


“Kevin Slavin recently completed an extensive renovation project at our home. As a general contractor, Kevin worked closely with our architects and executed an intricate, demanding design with great care and passion. He was on the job virtually every day and conscientious in coordinating the work of his various sub-contractors. Though we experienced minor delays, most were beyond Kevin’s control and he was great about keeping us informed as to his progress. He kept the project moving along, kept a sharp eye on quality, and finished in what we considered a very reasonable timeframe. After the job was done, Kevin continued to follow up on the smallest of details. He was committed to doing the job right. He’s a professional, who takes pride in what he does.

In addition to delivering quality work, Kevin is a pleasure to deal with. It is hard to imagine a more courteous, congenial contractor! He was extremely considerate from start to finish and diligent in protecting our home from “collateral damage” during the project. He covered the floors, sealed off the work area, and made sure his workmen left our home as neat as possible at the end of each day. He treated our home as if it were his own.  

In summation, we were very pleased to have Kevin Slavin as contractor. We would not hesitate to hire him again for any future project at our home. We highly recommend him.”  

-    Stone And Debra Phillips  

“I am delighted to offer this letter of reference for Kevin Slavin. I have known Kevin in a professional capacity since 2001, when he submitted a bid to construct a free standing garage on our property. Although we ultimately awarded the contract to another builder - a decision we came to regret due to inexcusable delays in completion – we were favorably impressed by Kevin’s thoroughness and responsiveness in the bid process. Incidentally, our neighbor asked for reference when constructing a similar garage; we referred Kevin to them and the job turned out very well.

Our course of dealing with Kevin caused us to contract him for our most recent project. We decided to thoroughly remodel the first floor our house and to enclose a two-storey screened in porch. This job entailed a total kitchen relocation and renovation, demolition of a structural wall to create a much large living room, substantial re-shaping of our interior layout, re-flooring the entire ground floor, nearly 20 new exterior windows, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, AV and related work. (In other words, about as big a job one can do without expanding the footprint of the house) we solicited bids from four contractors and Kevin’s level of diligence and his attention to detail were demonstrably superior to the other contractors. In fact, our architect, who came to the project with two favored contractors in mind for the job, promptly shifted her allegiance and became an enthusiastic supporter of Kevin’s bid.

In the end, the decision to engage Kevin was an easy one – and the project was a complete success. To get the basics out of the way: the project was completed on time (in fact, two weeks early), on budget, with absolutely beautiful results and no nasty surprises along the way.  The representative photos of Kevin’s work are in no way embellished – that level of attention to detail is apparent in every surface and structure. The mechanical work was thorough and careful, and the finish work is truly as meticulous as one could desire. We are just completing our punchlist now, and our architect has remarked that the list is about as short as any she has seen.

Rightly or wrongly, I suspect that most people assume that a construction project, when completed, will result in an acceptable final product. (Of course, completion on schedule and on budget is a much more notable accomplishment!) For that reason, decisions are often made on the basis of the “intangibles” in the job. In that regard, several aspects of Kevin’s service were noteworthy:

-       Kevin has a true understanding of, and desire to minimize he disruption that the family undergoes during a project of this sort. Naturally, the way he demonstrated this most clearly was by getting the job done on time! However, he also smoothed the way with a number of smaller touches. He installed a temporary kitchen (complete with refrigerator, sing, gas range, dishwasher, counters and cabinets) that allowed food preparation to continue unhindered during the job. Contractors kept doors closed to construction areas. Noise levels were managed to the extent possible. Power outages and water cutoffs (when needed for electrical and plumbing work) were conveniently time – after consultation with my wife – and never extended. .

-       Kevin and his crews are unusually neat in their work. Living areas were sealed off by temporary walls, not plastic sheeting. Unavoidable messiness (such as debris from demolitions) was removed promptly. Given the significant interior demolitions on this project, the fact that our cleanup was limited to a couple good dustings and sweepings the basement was remarkable.

-       Kevin’s relations with his subcontractors are exemplary. Subs show up on time, ready to go, and did their work with the same attention to detail that Kevin showed personally. In fact, the only trouble we had with a subcontractor was the cabinet installer – the only sub that Kevin didn’t engage, and even there, Kevin went well beyond the scope of his contractual duties in helping us to accommodate the imperfect work and timing of that installer. As a result, even the one aspect of the project for which Kevin was not responsible turned out splendidly.

-       Kevin attends to things personally. He was on-site nearly every day of the project, even if only to ensure that the subs were there and had their instructions right. I am personally convinced that there is no way to manage remotely a renovation of any complexity.

Lastly, while not strictly germane to the job, Kevin is the kind of guy you don’t mind sharing your house with during a long project. He is always available to answer questions honestly and thoroughly, and always with a healthy sense of humor and perspective. I would of course be lying if I said the construction process was a pleasure, still, I have a hard time imagining any way that the process could be improved. At the end, thanks mostly to Kevin’s efforts, I can say that the job was absolutely worth the time, expense and disruption.

In sum, I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin without reservation to any person undergoing a significant construction project. For what it is worth, we have already tentatively engaged him for another renovation project to take place within the next 18 months. If you have any questions about Kevin or his work, please do not hesitate to call me or my wife (Mary-Claire) at 914-631-3466.”

-       Michael Flynn


“Now that we have had a little time to settle in and enjoy the finished construction on our house, Pru and I wanted to send you a letter to tell you how delighted we are with how everything has turned out.

I hardly have to tell you what a huge job this was. The complexity of the project was enormous: expanding our kitchen, two new bathrooms on the second floor, enclosing the sleeping porch, an outdoor deck on the third floor, stone terraces on the main floor, etc, etc, and all this to be done with great attention to historical detail and architectural restoration, and all of it to be completed in time for our daughter’s wedding.

Well, Kevin, the first thing that I want to comment on this letter is, in the final analysis, certainly the most important aspect of the job – and that is the quality of the end result. In a word, the quality is superb. Pru and I are absolutely delighted with the workmanship, the detail and the aesthetic finish of the entire job. We really applaud the craftsmanship of you and your crew, your attention to detail and your eagerness to make sure that everything was done absolutely right. The result is far beyond even or most optimistic expectations.

While we could not be happier with how the entire project has turned out, there is another whole dimension to the work, which is almost of equal importance – and that was the business of getting the job done! There are several things that Pru and I would like to say to you on this point:

1.    Given the enormity of the project and inevitable disruptions it cause in our daily lives, we cannot say enough about how you and your wonderful crew did your best to make the process as pleasant and tolerable as possible. You have a great bunch of guys working with you – they are always considerate, polite and helpful – with a great sense of humor, as well as real sensitivity to the situation. After months of work involved, we even got to the point of rather missing everybody not being around!

2.    On a personal level Kevin, Pru and I have always been extremely impressed and appreciative of your personal attention to our project. You were always there to help solve problems and get things done. When something would come up, you always responded to the problem quickly and directly. You always considered our interests foremost in dealing with the myriad of suppliers involved with this project. I cannot tell you how much Pru and I value the personal attention and commitment that you brought to the job.

3.    Also on a personal note Kevin, we greatly admire the integrity and honesty that you bring to your work. We always had absolute confidence in the fairness of your dealings with us on various issues that would come up from time to time and on the inevitable changes that needed to be made “in the field”. That kind of trust and confidence, we know, is not necessarily the norm on projects like these, and we truly value the relationship we have with you.

4.    Last, but certainly not least, there is the point of timing – i.e. concluding the job on time, and in this case, this enormous project was actually completed ahead of schedule! This is the one thing friends find the most incredible to believe when we tell them about the project and working with you. I guess late completion is endemic to this business. But in this case, we must applaud your efforts at bringing the whole job in ahead of schedule, and in time for the wedding festivities.

In summary, Kevin, we could not be happier with the entire project – from start to finish. Please know that if you want to use us a reference for any future work, we will be most happy to do so. Also, we would be more than willing to let you show the work that you have done on our house to any prospective clients. Please feel free to call Pru or me if the occasion arises.

Again, our sincere thanks for a wonderful job, and we look forward to working with you again on a couple of projects (somewhat smaller scale!) that we have in mind for the future.”

-       Clark T. Montgomery


“My sincere thanks and gratitude for serving on the Board of Architectural Review for these past three years.

Your outstanding attendance record exhibited a true dedication and interest in preserving the quality of life in Ardsley. The village is rich for you having served it so well.

Be assured that you will have my support if your ever wish to serve on another board in the future.”

-    Marie J. Stimpfl - Mayor-village of Ardsley 1988



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